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PQBNews: Talking PCC with Duane Round

May 25, 2022 | Parksville Community Centre
Duane Round, PCC President at the PQBNews

Read the full article on the PBQ News website.

Duane Round sat down with the PQB News to discuss the new facility at 223 Mills St for the Parksville Community Centre.

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For our latest installment, PQB News/VI Free Daily editor Philip Wolf talks with Duane Round, president of the Parksville Community Centre Society. An abridged and edited version of the conversation appears below.

PW: Parksville has a new community centre facility located at 223 Mills St. Here to tell us more about it is the
president of the Parksville Community Centre Society. Welcome, Duane Round.

DR: Thanks a lot for having me. Appreciate it.

PW: Your mission statement is to be the first choice for meetings and community events in the city of Parksville. How do you go about achieving that?

DR: Well, utilizing the building that we have now at 223 Mills St., we are obviously going to have some of the best pricing for rooms around. We’re going to have six rooms, individual rooms, so we can have a lot of different groups at one time. (There is the) potential to do a lot of different things in the facility. The location is great, it’s got a beautiful courtyard there for people to hang out in when they’re in between meetings. We’re going to be able to compete against the other halls that are further out, and we’re also going to be able to compete against the private facilities that are for rent in Parksville.

Read more of the interview at PBQ News or listen to the podcast at PQBeat.