About Us


Our Vision

To be the first choice for meetings and community events in the City of Parksville.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide all members of our community and visitors from around the world with a warm welcome and a feeling of belonging.

Our focus is to bring people together, to share knowledge, inspire and motivate productivity in a safe, healthy, socially accepting environment.

Our Pledge

  • to provide a comfortable safe and healthy facility where all are welcome
  • to welcome and encourage cultural, artistic and racial diversity
  • to meet visitor expectations
  • to be focused on being environmentally responsible
  • to foster relationships with community groups, charities and organizations who are like-minded
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The Parksville Community Centre was previously known as the former Parksville High School.

In partnership with the City of Parksville, the Parksville Community Centre was founded as a non-profit charitable organization in 1999.

The Parksville Community Centre is host to a broad range of events including business meetings, trade shows, educational seminars, sporting events, club gatherings, cultural events and concerts year-round.

The City of Parksville is one of the most beautiful communities in the world,  and it is beyond a doubt one of the most desirable destinations on Canada’s  west coast to live, work and play.

Our Board of Directors

The Parksville Community Centre Board of Directors is comprised of a group of community leaders who volunteer their time in overseeing the governance of the centre. The Board’s mandate is to ensure the centre continues to drive social and economic activity within the local community and ecourage participation from all sectors in both public, business and government.


Parksville Community Centre Members

We thank our members for being involved in our community and providing financial support to the Centre. Please contact us if you would like to purchase a membership to the Parksville Community Centre Society.

Facility Management & Event Planning Team

Our facility is managed by a group of hardworking volunteers with extensive experience in event management and facility operations.

We’re dedicated to serving your needs and making sure your event is hassle-free, safe and memorable!

Interested in Booking an Event? Get in Touch!

Our professional team of meeting planners is happy to answer any questions you may have about our facility. Feel free to call or email us with the the details of your event.